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Pokemon GO!: League Challenge! 28/07/24

Pokemon GO!: League Challenge! 28/07/24

Registration from 10:30 (Play begins at 11:00) at Card Catcher Shop! (see details below)

Cost: £5 - To be paid on the day, but please enter your details to book your space on here. When Billing Information is filled, click Proceed to payment, which will skip, and not take any payments, presenting a finalise button.

To Enter you will need to be 13 years old or over, have a Pokemon player ID, and a team of at least 6 Pokemon that can compete in Great League (max CP 1,500). Player Pokemon GO! accounts must also be level 10 or over too. 

Team Sheets will need to be submitted beforehand on the day. Paper for this will be provided on the day

Format: We will be doing a best out of 5 games, Swiss, 3 rounds.

Banned List of Pokemon:

The Challenge will be using the most recent Ban List which is as follows:

  • Galarian Articuno

  • Galarian Zapdos

  • Galarian Moltres

  • Skiddo

  • Gogoat

  • Muk with the Fast Attack Acid

  • Koffing with the Fast Attack Acid

  • Weezing with the Fast Attack Acid

  • Chansey with the Charged Attack Psybeam

  • Staryu with the Fast Attack Quick Attack

  • Starmie with the Fast Attack Quick Attack

  • Porygon with the Fast Attack Quick Attack

  • Pichu with the Fast Attack Quick Attack

  • Marshadow

  • Ditto
  • Shedinja 

Spaces will be limited, so please book your space in advance.

Pokemon Trainer ID: In order to compete in the challenge, you will need to have a Trainer ID, you can sign up to create a Trainer Account with Pokemon here: 

Create a trainer account

Location and times:

The challenge will be based in our shop! Located at: 118 High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5HH.


  • All people 16 and under will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian OR have written permission to be on site. please contact us beforehand if this is the case.
  • Food and drinks need to be consumed away from phones. if you have a bottle with a cap, you may have it with you as long as it is sealed between drinks.
  • Keep all hands to ourselves, and away from other people's belongings unless given permission.
  • No squabbles, any disagreements should be brought to the attention of the person in charge.
  • Excitement is good! But disruptive behavior is not, please refrain from shouting over others.
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