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Graveler 37/62 Uncommon - Fossil Unlimited - Near Mint

Graveler 37/62 Uncommon - Fossil Unlimited - Near Mint

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Condition of card is: Near Mint

Scale used to judge condition is as follows:

1. Mint - No visible damage

2. Near Mint - Little to no damage, some minor whitening may be visible 

3. Excellent - Light Damage, scratches visible in certain light, whitening more obvious

4. Good - Heavier and more frequent scratches, more significant whitening, slight surface damage, front edges show signs of light silvering. 

5. Played - Scratches visible all the time, some peppered damage to the card surface, front edges show obvious signs of silvering, significant whitening. minor creases may be visible in certain light.

6. Heavy Played - Same as played, but with very obvious creases/ breaks in surface. 

*Stock Image Used*

Stock images may be used for 'Vintage' cards that are Common/Uncommon or under £10 in value. Cards over £10 in value or have a rarity of Rare or above will have additional images showing actual card.

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